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Rhemaword for Today!

~Prophetic Word for 2013~

Will there be a time of rebellion? Yes, as the earth groans for Jesus' return.   But there will be  times of restoration for those we have been praying for, promises fulfilled for those things God has shown and will begin to take place, a gathering of God's people who choose to worship Him, a time when weeping will be turned to joy. 

For 2013, "Promises fulfilled for those things God has shown and will begin to take place"
This is key! What has God spoken over your life many years back that will begin to take place.

Genesis 16:15,16-Abraham 86 years old when Ishmael was born -Abraham trying to fulfill his way God's promise to be father of nations.

Genesis 17:1-21 states, Abraham now 99 years old will father the promised son with Sarah his wife. The promise was fulfilled 13 years later from when first given at age 86 in Genesis 16. It took 13 years for Abraham to see God's promise fulfilled. What have you gone through to see God's promises fulfilled in your life?

It took us 13 years being married before we saw the promise of children fulfilled in our lives.

Thirteen years ago, year 2000 as I have marked in my Bible, God burned in my heart Isaiah 43:19, "Watch! I'm about to carry out something new! And now it's springing up— don't you recognize it? I'm making a way in the wilderness and paths in the desert." International Standard Version.

In Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible it says, " it shall spring forth; or bud forth as a branch, in a very short time, suddenly, and at once; one of the Messiah's names is that of the Branch..." see Zechariah 3:8.

This new thing God has shown you years before will begin to take place quickly! Trust God for His promise fulfilled.

"Then the Lord  said to me, “Look, Jeremiah! What do you see?” And I replied, “I see a branch from an almond tree.” And the Lord  said, “That’s right, and it means that I am watching,  and I will certainly carry out all my plans.” (Jeremiah 1:11,12 NLT)

An almond tree blossoms when other trees are still dormant. It serves as a forerunner of spring as though it watches over the beginning of the season. What new season is God bringing you into? You had to go through many seasons in the wilderness and desert to prepare you for the new season of spring. God loves you so much He knew you needed to learn His strength when at times you felt so weak in your strength. Now you are ready in the year 2013 for God's promises fulfilled!!

As I was praying December 30, 2012, I asked The Lord what is Your word for 2013. You see, early that afternoon God had given a melody to a song. I said to myself, "I need to record this before I forget this. I can use this in the new year sometime." Little did I know God was going to speak so loud later that evening! As I was sitting at my computer working on the songs God has given over the past 2 years, I began to receive words to a new song! I began to type, then stopped and searched scripture. God lead me to Jeremiah 31:1-21, the prophetic passage where God gives a New Promise to His people, where the season of weeping will be turned to joy, and the season of promise would begin to unfold.

As I began to type His prophetic word, I began to cry at the overwhelming presence of His Word. He said you have been through a season of weeping, but I will bring you out to a season of joy! My promises I spoke over you will begin to unfold, fulfilled quickly! You will sing a new song!! A song of promise!! A New Beginning!!

Here is the new song God gave that evening and New Year's Eve:

© Brenda Hamilton 2012





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~Message for February 2012~

In February 2005, the Lord gave me a vision in the early morning hours.  I tried to share the vision at that time, but the Lord said they're not ready.  After hearing the events of Israel, Iran, and the U.S. in the news, the Lord said, "Now they are ready to listen."

During a time of fasting and prayer in January and February 2005, I was burdened for souls of people.  I saw the complacency of the world, both saved and unsaved.  I asked God, "What will it take for people to cry out to You?"  Then the Lord shared a vision.  He took me up in the sky.  I looked down and saw a huge plume.  The Lord said,  "nuclear explosion" like those seen by a nuclear bomb.  The Lord said, "War!"  The U.S. would be involved somehow.  He did not give details.  I asked the Lord, "Could these present events be the fulfillment of this vision?"  He said, "This is the beginning."

 In September 2011 during a time of prayer and fasting, the Lord began to impress strong on my heart to prepare for a time of uncertainty in the world, emergency preparedness.  He said to prepare for at least 30 days of food for emergency, enough to feed your family and take care of them.  He said rotate the food as needed.  Image no access to water, power, food.  What would you need?   Begin to prepare God said. So we have begun to prepare little by little. He then gave instructions showing visions of our home and what we were to do.  (Don't forget battery operated radio)  He will give you instructions as you pray for wisdom and guidance for your home. 

The Lord said, "Don't be afraid for I will take care of the righteous."  People will be ready to receive Christ.  Be ready for physical and spiritual needs. Image the opportunity for God to answer the cries of the people! Be ready!

2012, the year of Apostolic release!  We need leadership in a way we have not seen in our lifetime. For God to outpour on the world, the Apostolic calling needs to be sure!  This mantle is great and to whom this is given much is required.  The power and anointing of God will be released over the believers through this Apostolic calling.  Allow God to align those He has called.  Ask God to open our eyes as His Divine Plan unfolds!  There will be a release of God's authority like never seen before.  During a time of uncertainty, there will be God-certainty.  Believe and Trust God!!

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Jesus=New Life=God's Glory

New Life=Jesus bringing so much more than just Salvation!

New Life=     Jesus, Visions, Dreams,  Calling,  Destiny

Jesus brings New Life.  New Life requires conception.  You can't have conception without man & woman.  God wants both men and women to minister side by side.  Call forth the vision He is birthing in you.  We wants unity of spirit.

In Judges 4:1-22, Deborah, from the tribe of Ephraim, means "fruitful."  Deborah represents the womb of the church.  Barak represents the conception of life. Jael represents the mark of God on your life.    

What is God birthing in you!!

No longer will the church be barren of the glory of the Lord!  His presence will be manifest in His children, in His Church!

Let the womb of the church open.  Life will spring forth.  Lay aside the sins that so easily beset you that would cause miscarriage.

God will use you.  Yes, God will use you.  He needs laborers for the end time harvest of souls in these last days.

God is bringing conception of new callings and visions on your lives.

There will be times of labor and travailing before the vision is birthed. It will be a struggle before you see breakthrough, but know you are on the right path of destiny.  God will prevail.

Call forth and decree those things that are not!  Let the glory of the Lord fall on both women and men. 

Let New Life spring forth!!   

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Retreat Speaker/ Worship Leader/
                            Song Writer

Sharing the prophetic message with boldness in Word & song that will stir your heart to draw closer to God and be effective in the work of the ministry.


Native Women of Destiny 2010 Conference Update


NW Native Women’s Conference 10/9-11/2009 “CALLED TO COMMUNITY” Update

Tuesday, 10/6, in the morning the Lord would give me a new song titled, “It’s A New Sound.”  The next day God would confirm this song with scripture,

Ezekiel 43:1-5,

“1.Afterwards he brought me to the gate, the gate that faces toward the east. 2.And behold the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east, His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory.

3.It was like the appearance of the vision which I saw-like the vision which I saw when I came to destroy the city. The visions were like the visions which I saw by the River Chebar and I fell on my face.

4.And the glory of the Lord came into the temple by way of the gate which faces toward the east.

5.The Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the temple.”

As I sang this song to the worship team at Tuesday afternoon practice, our guitarist would share how he heard another voice, deep, sing along with me. He would hear blowing. Turning up his hearing aids to see if He was just hearing things, he heard it more clearer, not seeing anything. It was a supernatural visitation of God’s worshipping angels.

Workshops would be during the day Friday and Saturday.

Friday 6:30 service, we would feel God’s awesome presence during worship. The message given by Valerie Boyd would declare, “I am sending you”. Sound the call! No matter the circumstances around you, His anointing will fall on you in this call!

Saturday 6:30 service would begin with the Parade of Nations with women dressed in their native regalia. It would be here we would sing, “It’s a New Sound”. We would enter into native worship with such liberty. The prophetic worship would come with such Holy Ghost presence. There was such liberty to dance before God singing, “Jesus is My Warrior”. The message given by Valerie Boyd would exhort us to, “Go Light Your World”.  Our purpose is to Be Light and Bring Light. We are called to community!

Saturday evening during the afterglow when service was over, we would sing more native worship with Peter & Stephanie Adams leading worship. There would be a few ladies that would remain. As they began to dance before God in their native dance, God’s presence would show up.  Later a lady would testify how she saw an open vision of Jesus standing next to us as we led worship, smiling down on those dancing pleased with their worship in native dance. A second supernatural visitation.

Sunday 9:30 service would bring another outpouring of God’s presence. While singing, “New Warriors” I would begin to sing in the prophetic as if summarizing what God spoke that weekend. Then I would give a prophetic word that God has called us to go and be that warrior, sing that new song. There would be such a weighty presence of the Holy Spirit. We would stand quietly before God. Three more women would stand and speak words of exhortation to go take the land and gather the spoils, community starts with you and your family, go in His power!  George Kallappa would bring a word of Abraham and Sarah--walk in obedience, become Warrior Women, don’t try to control God’s call in your life, don’t walk in shame from circumstances in life, find new life, God’s church going into labor room, nothing will be the same, everything’s going to change!

I so appreciate my worship team: Peter (vocalist & electric guitar) and sister, Stephanie Adams (vocalist & native drum) from B.C., Canada, Mike Curley (electric guitar), April Brandt (drums), and Jim Santana (electric bass), and me, Brenda Hamilton (worship leader and pianist). We had 5 nations represented on this Team- First Nations Canada, Tlingit-Alaska native, Quinault-Taholah, WA, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican, and Hispanic.

With over 150 women in attendance, we praise God for His awesome presence during this weekend Conference. Thank you for your prayers.

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Rhemaword Academy  

Rhemaword Academy, our private homeschool, began in 1995.  Our decision to homeschool was not a difficult one.  Because we were evangelists when we began to adopt our children, homeschool seemed to be the likely route to go.  I had worked in the public schools for several years before we had children and have a degree in Education, thus, I felt well prepared to homeschool.

Taking on this homeschool adventure has its' ups and down, but is well worth the effort.  With my children's different learning styles, trying to use a boxed curriculum was not working for us.  So I guess you could say we are eclectic homeschoolers, drawing from many sources and using what works for us.

Being active in ministry is taken into account when selecting our curriculum.  The ease of the curriculum and versatility when trying to teach some of my kids with learning delays is another important factor.  It has taken much trial and error, but my background in education and much prayer help smooth out any difficulties.

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Homeschool Curriculum

We have tried many different curriculums than are not listed.  With many styles of teaching-unit studies, boxed curriculums, hands-on, what works best is a little bit of everything. What is listed is what has worked for us.  Please keep in mind I would have to find a different curriculum for my kids different learning styles, so you wouldn't do all of these.  These are just my suggestions.

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  Homeschool Potpourri

Great used homeschool curriculum store to shop at when first starting out your homeschool journey and for the experienced homeschoolers too.  The store is off of Hwy 405 at Totem Lake, WA.

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