Africa 2008

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Tanzania, east Africa

Mission Team- Phil Hamilton, David Dodd, Chuck Carlson, Mark Schukantz

Glorious & Josephine Shoo, New Life Foundation Directors

NLF Christian School Children

Fountain of Zoe, baby orphanage

Zoe Complex

Chuck & David sitting with neighbor children

Phil with baby

Chuck praying over children & staff

David holding baby

Mark holding baby

Moshi Church

Moshi Church

Moshi Pastors with Phil

Moshi Sunday Church service

Safari Elephants

Safari Hippo

Safari Lion

Safari Monkeys

Safari Water Buffalo

Safari Water Buffalo Skull & Phil

Safari Zebra

Fountain of Hope Seminary

New Life Foundation Conference Jan.'08

NLF children singing

NLF children praising

Sanjo Church, 16 hour drive from Moshi for Sunday 2 services

Sanjo Pastors

Sanjo School

Masai Village

Masai Dancers & Mark dancing

Masama Crusade, Phil preaching

Masama outdoor crusade

Masama Crusade Team

Dares Salaam Saturday Service with David preaching

Mark sharing testimony

Dares Salaam Sunday Service with Phil preaching 2 services to over 1000 people.

Dares Salaam Sunday Service

Phil praying for people at altar service. 1st Service 2 hours long. 2nd Service 4 hours long including altar time.

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