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ITINERARY Tanzania Africa 2nd Trip October 2009

Prayer Needs

10/05/09-Tanzania Africa 2nd Trip Update 1

10/07/09-Tanzania Africa 2nd Trip Update 2

10/8/09-Tanzania Africa 2nd Trip Update 3

10/11/09-Tanzania, Africa 2nd Trip Update 4


ITINERARY Tanzania Africa 2nd Trip October 2009

Week 1-10/4-10/11:

Friday/Saturday-Phil flies to Tanzania by himself 2nd Trip.


Preached 2 morning services in Moshi.


Instead of a national conference here in Arusha we have a split week.

We are here in Arusha Monday night.  We were on a bus from Moshi for 2hrs today. Pastor Vomo here in Arusha is our guide. His car is broke down so we do the bus thing this week.


Tuesday afternoon we’ll travel to Karatu a village a 2 hours from here for a pastors conference during the day. In Karatu it sounds like I will be teaching each morning and maybe one evening.


Holy Ghost rally in the evening for Wed and Thurs. The church's there came together and requested that it be there since the churches here in Arusha could not.


Friday we travel 2 hours back to Arusha for a smaller pastors and church leaders conference to be held in one of the local churches.


Holy Ghost rally in the evening Fri, Sat and Sun. With me preaching each evening and 2 Times Sun morning.

Week 2-10/12-10/15:


Mon we travel 2 hours back to Moshi.


The national conference will start on Tues the 13th-17th with me teaching 2 mornings and preaching one rally before I return home the 15TH, arriving home the 16th, Friday.

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Prayer Needs:


1. Pray for Strength during these longs days traveling 2 hours back and forth.

2. Pray for H.S. to manifest the gifts during teaching and preaching times.

3. Pray for God's message to be spoken in boldness.

4. Pray protection over Phil and his interpreter, and for our family while he is gone.


1. Rain in Karatu, Tanzania, East Africa

2. Strength for very busy days.

3. Fresh Rhema Word for messages.


Pray for Strength, refreshed rest, protection over Phil and his interpreters, God's anointing over Brenda and worship team while leading worship at NW Native Women's Conference this weekend. Protection over family.


With such a supernatural visitation in Phil’s services and during Brenda’s Worship practices and conference worship, there has been such a demonic attack come against us, our families, and worship team. The enemy is not pleased that we stand to be obedient to the call set before us. Keep us in your prayer covering.

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10/05/09-Tanzania Africa 2nd Trip Update 1

During WEEK 1:

Sunday 10/4/09

1st Service

1st service went well with 4-500 responding to altar call. Preached from Heb 11:30-39 PS 78:1-5 GEN 32, Elisha (interpreter) asked about half way thru service what I would be preaching. At the time I told him I did not know. But,GOD is faithful. It was powerful.

2nd Service

Second service, 150 people, was from the same passages but hardly no response so I turned it over to the Pastor, and Pastor Willie (interpreter). They began to lead the people in a time of prayer then Willie began to call out those sick and afflicted. It was a great time of God ministering.

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10/7/09-Tanzania, Africa 2nd Trip Update 2


During Week 1-


Wednesday, 10/7/09

Yesterday, day one, here in KARATU began with news of 5 OR 6 pastors in the northern district of Tanzania having their homes and churches burned by cattle rustlers.


This news though tragic was fitting for the message I would bring.
Coming from Acts 1:8 I gave the Greek interpretation for power and witness. Dynamite and martyr. We were baptized with the HOLY GHOST to live an explosive death. That as pastors and church leaders we must set the example of picking up our cross daily and dying to our fleshly desires. Not exactly the type of message we would expect from this passage but one that is desperately needed in the
church of Christ today if we are to experience a move of God in our midst. "Dynamite to Die"


I remember Pastor George Kallappa asking the question a number of years ago in a conference in Bella Coolla B.C., Canada.  He asked " I don't know why anyone would not want to be filled with the Holy Ghost" Could it be today that we do not want to experience the baptism of the Holy Ghost because we do not want to live an explosive death?  We would experience a powerful time of prayer as we searched our hearts and allowed God to burn away the impurities in our lives.


From there I would go into "Walking in the Power and Authority of Christ" as children of God.  In order for us to walk in the power and authority of Christ we must walk in Righteousness, Holiness, faithfulness, and Love. All characteristics of Christ. I would provide a number of passages for each one emphasizing that as children of God we must take on the characteristics of our father in order to walk in His authority.


In the afternoon I had an opportunity to visit the regional office of Compassion International here in Karatu. I know there have been skeptics out there concerning this organization but I will tell you that I was very impressed with these two young men and their passion to serve this community and region as I saw first hand the delivery of 60 Goats, 17 Pigs and 24 Chickens to needy families in this area. 4 families received 900 Dollars each for food livestock and seed. This office now sponsors 290 children with 188 of them by the U.S. Pray for Philemon and Simeon as they continue their labor of Love. They both shared powerful testimonies of how God has healed restored and provided for them and their families since they started working here.


The evening service was a powerful time as Pastor Moses brought the word from Heb. 3:2 "The Lord will revive His work" his message Revival, Why? Are we dead? Not present at my morning session, he would continue to cover many points that I had covered earlier in the day. He would apologize a number of times for being what seemed to be harsh, but we need to die to our selfish desires and rise up as children of God and walk in His authority. He would challenge the district leadership to repent before their congregations, that if they wanted to see God come down in their midst they would need to set the example. It would be a powerful time again as pastors and leaders openly wept and repented unto God desiring to see God come down.


Pray with me for rain. The pastors came to me and asked that I pray for rain. Though this area is known for its’ rich and fertile soil they have not had rain in almost a year. As they shared how the pastors have been going without because their crops have been failing, there was a word that came to me. Disobedience. It was an area that both Pastor Moses and I addressed in our sessions and one I will address again today, Thursday. They have taken the first step in repentance, now they need to come together in unity so that God can provide.


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10/7/09-Tanzania, Africa 2nd Trip Update 3


During Week 1-


Thursday, 10/8/09

I woke up in the morning with a heavy anointing and an expectation of God doing something great. I had a good time in prayer than at breakfast the enemy had begun to attack my mind. I said devil, your so stupid, your a liar and a looser get lost. You will not win.

I began the morning session in Deut. 28, Mal. 2:5-9, and Joel 2:23,24; 28,29. Sharing how that these are the blessings promised if we walk in obedience with God. Sharing that we were created, designed to walk in obedience. We were created, designed to walk in the blessings of God. How that we as priests, our people look to us to preserve the knowledge of God, for encouragement, guidance and direction.


Mentioned to them, last night we repented for our fleshly desires and today we need to repent for not following through with what God has given us concerning direction for our churches, not following through with the Word he has given us to speak, not following through with the vision he has given us. We wonder why our land is dry and thirsty, our crops are failing, our families are going hungry. Could it be we have disobeyed in these areas? Verse 23 Of Joel 2 says" for the rain He sends is a demonstration of His faithfulness. When we walk in obedience unto Him He cannot help but "demonstrate His faithfulness". Verse 28 Says, "Then, after doing these things, I will pour out my Spirit". WOW! After demonstrating His faithfulness for our provision when walking in obedience, He said "I will now pour out my Spirit on you". We all say we want revival but we don't want to pay the price, walking in obedience, prayer and fasting setting the examples for our people. It would be an incredible time of prayer.

Pastor Moses would continue his series The 15 Things that hinder Revival. It was amazing how God had masterfully intertwined our messages. Taking 2 preachers a world apart and bringing them together in word and Spirit. Pastor Moses' comment was "it is so special, very special".

This Brother, in
America we would say, he preached them happy. He has more moves than Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Smokey Robinson put together under the anointing of God. He is funny to watch and very special. In person he is a lot like me, somewhat quite and reserved.

The altar time would be powerful. Praying for the sick. While I was praying for individuals I had noticed that 3 of them received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So I asked Pastor Moses if we could give an altar call for those who have not received the baptism. He agreed for his spirit bore witness. One of his hindrances to Revival was pastors and church leaders trying to function without being filled with the Holy Spirit. About 20 responded and many of them received PTL!

The afternoon session I brought the word from Esther chapters 3-8 Preaching on fasting and prayer. Pastor Moses' comment of me to the congregation was," church, what you see in Pastor Phil is God's heart as he preaches. What he preaches is his life, his heart. It is very special to watch and listen, for I have been blessed."

Pastor Moses would finish his series up with 5 things that bring revival. I have asked if he had these in english so that I can share with you and show how God masterfully knitted our messages together. I can tell you that 2 of them are obedience and prayer and fasting. 2 that he would skip because I had covered them earlier. He would tell them his text for these 2 and they would be the same that I had presented. He would come to me during his message and say. "Pastor Phil, in a pastors conference, if you want to offend the Pastors, you preach on prayer and fasting. You keep preaching it". He turned to the pastors and admonished them to follow my example and begin to teach it to their people. For you see, I am in the middle of my 40 day fast.


Pastor Simon our guide has been very special in insuring that I have traditional foods that help me maintain this Daniel fast. His wife had prepared traditional dinner on Tues and they had wondered why I had not taken very much. I had explained that I was in the middle of this fast, but did not want to offend them so I ate small portions. I explained that I very much appreciate and enjoy their traditional foods.

The prayer time would go on for a couple of hours. The first hour a time of intercession with pastors and their congregations on their faces seeking God. Than Pastor Moses separated the pastors from the congregation and asked me to come and impart into them. The whole time at the altar this night had become an awesome time. PTL! When I had first contacted Brenda, then David. I just said WOW! It was another Dar es Salam moment.

As they expressed their appreciation to me later, I would tell them to give God the Glory. I immediately began to think of you at home who have faithfully prayed. You are a big part of what God is doing here. Thank you, may God richly bless you for your faithfulness.

We are currently in Lake Marynara waiting for the mechanic to finish with the car. It seems to be a dirty transmission filter. I would tell Pastor Moses that it was a good thing that we did not leave last night. We would have been sleeping in the middle of no where broken down. We have been here now for 5 hours. Pastor Moses apologized for the inconvenience in the delay. I responded by saying no worries. What we gonna do? We just go with the flow. This trip, there is a complete peace over me. Even the jet lag one would experience after 20 Hours of travel time was of no effect. And even though my nights have been short, I feel rested. God has been gracious. Thank you again for faithfully praying.

With car not fixed, and stayed in Marynara Friday, got up Saturday to take the bus back to Arusha.
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10/11/09-Tanzania, Africa 2nd Trip Update 4

During Week 2-

Saturday Evening Service 10/10/09

After spending 2 days at lake Marynara due to car trouble, we finally arrive in Checke' Raine for weekend services.  Saturday night would be a sweet time of refreshment of His spirit and yes, even rain.  I spoke from Luke 15 the Tale of 2 Sons. It is a message concerning our identity in Christ and the authority that comes as children of God. How that both sons considered themselves to be slaves in their fathers home. But the father reminding them who they are. The younger who squandered all his wealth. The father restores him and his authority by placing the ring on his finger. The oldest, reminding of the ring and authority that comes with. Basically telling him, son, its time to stop acting like my slave and start acting like my son. Jn 1:12 it tells us there that to who believe He gives the power(AUTHORITY) to become the sons of God. Jesus said in Jn 15:15 I no longer call you slaves but friends. Ro 8:14-17 Tells us that as many are led by the Spirit they are the sons of God. We become adopted and are now joint heirs with Christ. It would be a powerful time of prayer as they entered in knowing who they were and who their father was. There was just a sweet presence as the Father interacted with his children. Just sweet. This with the fresh smell of rain, it was so refreshing.

Sunday Morning Service 10/11/09

Service finished a half hour ago which started at 10.  10-2:30.  It has been youth emphasis week and they were in charge.  They ministerd in song and in drama.  They had covered many of the passages I had prepared.  At one point in the midst of their drama, I asked Pastor Simon if we could do an altar call.  One of the skits dealt with gunmen coming in the church and firing their guns.  When the pastor and his wife had turned he found many of the congration gone. Maybe they were not saved?  It was a powerful moment that needed action.  We had all made light of the moment but laughter soon turned to silence as many began to reflect upon their lives.  As Pastor Simon gave the altar call many of the congregaion here came forward.  Pastor with tears streaming down his face kept saying thank you.  The youth leader turned and said Pastor Phil I had sensed the same, thank you.

One of the young ladies would share what the youth have been doing then began to admonish the adults, Her plea, WE NEED YOU!  To stand with your youth, encourage us, lead us, pray with us.  Tears streaming down her face.  Parents, we need you to live Godly lives before us.  We need to see your example.

As I got up to preach, the Lord said to go to 1 Tim. 4:12, and I began to share, encourage and admonish them, that as youth they can set the example in word, conduct, love, faith, and in purity.  That they have an opportunity to change their community.  I challenged them to take this ministry to the streets.  What you have is powerful.  This creative gift to interpret the Word in drama needs to go forth from this church.

Then turning to the pastors, I encouraged them to lay hands on these young people, impart unto them and commission them to minister to their community.  It was a powerful time.  Then, Pastor asked me to come and lay hands on the youth leaders.  Many would be slain in the Spirit.

I had noticed one girl who would get back up to be prayed for.  God had baptized her in the HG.  And as I turned a third time, she was back up.  I took her by the hand and began laying hands on the rest of the youth.  One of the first would be her twin sister.  Crying uncontrollably as her sister laid hands on her, she would be baptized in the Spirit, slain by the power of God.  She would be the last to her feet some 2 hours later as God would do a mighty work in her.  Nearly all would be slain by the power of God.

After the youth, the adults.  They would stand before her hungry for a touch of God upon their lives crying and trembling before she laid hands on them.  Many, if not all being slain by the power of God.  Delivered, healed and filled with the Spirit.  After the adults, the musicians.  Then the Pastors.  WOW!!  God transformed this church through these young people.  Now He's going to transform this community.  Just a WOW moment.

This young lady's name is Sarah.  This was a significant moment for this church.  Pastor would share with me that here in Tanzania if people do not see others slain the Spirit, they say there is no power in that church or no power in that person who prays, and he said, for them to see it take place through this young lady.  Pastor Phil, here they still look down on women in ministry.  God will use the foolishness of men to confound the world.  Amen?

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        Phil Hamilton              David Dodd                Jason Gibbons

ITINERARY Tanzania Africa Trip August 2009


Prayer Needs

Africa Pictures 2009 (adding more each update)

8/13/09 Tanzania Update 1

8/15/09 Tanzania Update 2

8/20/09 Tanzania Update  3

8/23/09 Tanzania Update  4

9/2009 Tanzania Africa Update 5

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ITINERARY Tanzania Africa Trip August 2009

David says,

Week 1: from arrival until 16th we have ministered at Pastor Munisis' church.

We started with Phil opening the teaching at the conference to believers while I opened the preaching of the crusade.  Phil spoke two days of the conference and I will speak the following two days of the conference and close it and Phil will be taking two nights preaching the crusade. 

Sunday the 16th

Jason will share at 9 am service

Phil will share at 11 am service and I will close the crusade that evening.

Jason has played and spoken in the conference and crusade and will be speaking to the youth on the last crusade night in a separate area. He will also be worshiping in the Sunday services. 

Week 2:  We will have Monday the 17th  off as a free day

travel to Moshi 18th...Tue. 

19th- New Life Foundation Ministry

20th-New Life Foundation Ministry
-Ministry in a Jail

21- New Life Foundation Ministry
-Centro Himo Childrens Home Ministry

22nd-Emmanuel Centerb Ministry: a street boys orphanage
Ministry to a prison this day as well.

23-International Christian Center (Moshi)
El Shaddai TAG church
-we will split up and preach these services

Week 3:  24th Pastors Seminar in a rural area called Maliseta. This will be until the 26th from 9-1pm.

24th to 25th Jason and I will preach a youth retreat. 3-5pm

There is a Crusade also in Maliseta as well during that week, Wed-Sun.

Week 4:  Our schedule here in Moshi and surrounding area is full so we will have to postpone our trip to Hadzabe.

Back to airport 4th Home on 5th. 

There are safari days and some free days in the market as well...not settled yet on when.

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   So please pray for financial release, cell phones working, strength, healing to sick bodies, rest in bodies, Pray all these distractions would be taken care of in Jesus’ name. 

   Continued prayer for our families here at home.


Continue to pray for strength, health, and rest.


Continue to pray cell phones work properly for Phil. Still trying to resolve.


Pray for finances for remote tribe Hadzabe trip. 200 per day, per person, for 3 days= 4 people $2400.  Will take 1 day to travel, 1 day to preach, 1 day to travel back to Moshi.


Pray for finances for future trip back to Dar es Salaam & Arusha October 2 week conferences.




Praise:  Arrived Safely in Moshi.


Praise:  Found & Purchased converter & surge protector.


Praise: Cell phones work for email contact. Getting on internet sketchy. Black outs frequent.




Pray against pride, for unity, for strength and rest and for a move of His spirit in us and through us


Praise Thanking God for His Angels that watch over and protect the team from all harm. 




David still has a fever of 101.5  If it he still has a fever Friday morning, he will go see a doctor.


Phil has been battling a cold he got the day before he left for Africa, 8/9/09, and is still feeling the symptoms.


Pray for healing for the team, rest, strength, protection.


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8/13/09 Tanzania, East Africa Update 1

After one missed flight in Seattle, reschedule of flight to connect in Minneapolis the team of 3, Phil Hamilton, David Dodd, & Jason Gibbons, arrived safely in Tanzania.  A long 21 hours to their destination!  They had Tuesday to recoupe and get much needed rest.  In Dar es Saalam at Pastor Munisi’s church, the Believer’s Conference would begin Wed. 8/12 to Saturday 8/15 with evening Crusades at 4 p.m..  Phil would teach at the 1:00 sessions Wed. & Thurs. then preach at the evening Crusades Friday and Saturday 4 p.m. David would alternate from Phil’s teaching and preaching times.  With lost luggage with Phil’s notes in it, the Holy Spirit would give his Rhemaword to speak to the specific needs of the believers.

Phil says Wed. Day 1 Conference…

Had a long day today, up early to finish my notes then preached at 1. Munisi said his people where taken back in amazement because it was like I had preached what he has been preaching the past 4-5 months like I was preaching from his notes. He said you will have people talking that we have had discussion on what to preach. It ended up being a very powerful time with a breakthrough about half way through the message.

Message was….

walking in the authority and power of Christ. how that when we recognize and understand that they function together that we can transform our families, communities, a nation, a continent.

Phil says Thurs. Day 2 Conference….

Man, I was in the middle of my session today and lost my voice, I told the devil I was gonna read this word so that it would go forth. We have had a crow come in on both of my sessions at key times of the message and squawk all over me. I stopped in the middle of the message and rebuked it and told it to be quiet. Today as I was reading 2 Sam 22 it was really cool. this crow came in and tried to squawk and all the little birds came around the church and began to sing it out.

Today, taking up serpents,(seeking wisdom) drinking deadly thing will not harm them,(divine protection) laying hands on the sick. Now you know why this other stuff is happening.

Witchcraft has not been as strong. David got an email that prophesied over us that the work that was done in previous trip (Jan 08) will continue and that the enemies work would not prevail because of the work that had already been done in bringing down the walls

 Need prayer for rest strength and a quick recovering from cold.

Since arriving in Tanzania, East Africa, there have been electronic issues. Phil’s cell phone not working, debit and credit cards not going through, moneys older than 1998 printing not accepted at the bank to exchange. 

So please pray for financial release, cell phones working, strength, healing to sick bodies, rest in bodies, Pray all these distractions would be taken care of in Jesus’ name.  This needs to be taken care of Friday. I send you this email Thursday evening, which is Tanzania’s Friday morning. PLEASE PRAY FOR QUICK ANSWER.

Continued prayer for our families here at home.

Blessings and thank you for your prayer covering,   Brenda Hamilton

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8/15/09  Tanzania Africa Update 2


Phil says Fri. Day 3 Crusade,


I lost my voice again when I got up to preach. strange never had that happen before, I was feeling decent all day.


So did you preach?


Phil says:

The tale of 2 sons. the Lord has me really emphasizing who we are in Christ. I had really captured their attention. The workers across the street in the brick yard (it's where they make bricks for buildings) had stopped and were sitting on their bricks listening. I had called to them earlier and told them that Jesus loves them. Hopefully they didn't get in trouble.


Munisi introduced me as an American Indian, and said that he has not yet heard a man bring forth the living Word like I have, that God has blessed me with the ability to present the living Word with the heart of God. He is still insistent about me coming in October, we found out last night that they do 2 conferences for pastors annually. One here in Dar and one in Arusha. So the time frame frame is for 2 weeks instead of the one, he says upwards of 3000 pastors and church leaders attend. If it is God’s will, it’s his bill.


Did Jason video?


Phil says:

yep. the camera is so cool. We got 6 sessions on it and still have over 1000 mins on the hard drive. We had to finally switch the battery. Munisi is just amazed with it.


Phil Says Sat. Day 4 Crusade,


We had breakthrough. God wouldn't let me play guitar tonight, but man was it ever cool. The choir sang this song, and not knowing what it was I had them sing it again, pastor said what? I said they need to sing it again. and so they did. I asked pastor the meaning and he said, it is a story of the cross and how chains are broken. my message, God's plan to provide a lamb.


The text of the message, Gen 22, Is 53, Jn 19:28, Jn 20:30. They finished their song and I immediately told, Now< I will tell you a story of the cross.  Among those who had given their hearts to the Lord tonight a lady who had come to church for the very first time, the power of God hit her you could see the transformation in her life.


David says,

Phil preached tonight and a muslim girl accepted Jesus… it was her first time ever in a church!!! Well on church grounds.  Well we are in a muslim dominated area and yes the church is down the road from a mosque…but its not right next door. It was really cool…she came forward weeping…so broken and yet redeemed!


Phil says,


After the service tonight I told David, Now, you can preach, because of the liberty that came upon that place. He said no, I just might let you take it I'm having too much fun After I had finished preaching I had asked the choir to sing it again, then I asked the whole crowd to gather around the altar and asked them to enter in. As they did a spirit of liberty hit them, the spirit of joy hit them.


I have the Sunday 11 o'clock service. Pastor wanted me to do both in the morning, but I asked if Jason could do the English service, so Jason now has that one.


How’s your voice?


Yes, voice again was lost as I began to preach, it was normal all day, but as soon as I began to speak it disappeared. The funny thing tonight, that crow that has been tormenting me the past 3 days, he didn't have anything to say tonight. I just laughed at him.


How is David and Jason taking this all in when it's your turn to minister, especially Jason? How is David's sessions going?

What did Jason say to Sunday 9 a.m. preaching time?


Phil says:

David’s have been good, there has been such a unity and a flow, like I said David told me he just might give back to me, if that is the case I'll still have 2 sessions tomorrow. His comment was" I'm having too much fun watching them respond to you". Jason, all he said is wow, it's incredible to see how they respond to your word. I'm glad I'm here. He was cool with it and asked if I was sure.

There is a man that attends here. He is one of the presidential advisors. He told us that the next time we come we must stay in his home. Shoot, munisi has it already planned.

This man, he would shake my hand and would not let go. I want to tell him of my dream.

What dream?

where a president asked me if I would join him for prayer, we go to this Mosque and as we are praying I am praying in tongues and I feel this nudge and in this room it is pure quiet, he asks where did I learn to speak this language for it was perfect dialogue of what ever or where they were from.


Father, I thank you for my wife and her ability to keep the home fires burning, I ask that you bless her with the desires of her heart. Keep her, strengthen her, surround her with your glory. Father I speak peace over my home and my boys lives continue to speak to them, raise them up for your glory. In Jesus’ name.


Jason Gibbons says,


Week 1 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Kawa Assembly of God)

We arrived to Dar Es Salaam around 10pm on Monday night. We were ready for some sleep, yet we were very excited to see our friend Pastor Munisi. He is the Tanzanian Pastor we have been working with this week in Dar Es Salaam. He is an amazing man of God. He has such a humble and gentle spirit. He is a true teacher and preacher of God's word.

The first few days we stayed at a housing area called CEFA. We had a great chance to meet some new people. There were quite a few americans staying there to. We got to know many Tanzanians and had a great time talking with them and trying to learn words in Swahili. We spent the whole day of Tuesday resting up for the week ahead.

Wednesday started our time with Pastor Munisi and the Kawe Assembly of God church. They had a Believer's conference that started at 1pm every afternoon and the crusade that would follow it at 4pm. Pastor Phil taught at the first session of the believer's conference. His message called the people to righteousness, holiness and faithfulness. I was blessed to be able to share a worship song with the church. I sang "Fire Fall Down." Pastor David kicked off the first night of the crusade. It was an amazing time of God's word going forth and being able to pray with the people at the altar. The Tanzanian people are a people very strong in worship and song. They are very anointed and the worship was a blessing to be apart of.

Thursday was the second day of the conference and crusade. Pastor Phil spoke again in the conference and Pastor David again in the crusade. I was really blessed to join the people in dancing in the altar area. There is a freedom when you let God have all the glory. David challenged me to go, so I did. The children here are so precious. Christ is in them and it is so evident. It has been a joy to just see them worship, dance, sing and just be kids. A teacher from Massachusetts came to the crusade. David invited her when we were staying at CEFA. She shared her testimony.

Friday, Pastor David and I spoke in the believer's conference and Pastor Phil spoke in the crusade. David opened the conference and had me come up in the middle. I shared for a few minutes on the topic of worship. I spoke out of Revelation 4 and 5. It was a great opportunity and I am so grateful to Pastor Munisi for the opportunity. David finished out and we spent some time in worship. The crusade went really well. Pastor Phil spoke on the prodigal son. People came to Christ and were prayed for at the altar for healing.

Today, which is saturday, we arrived at the conference and I found out that I was speaking to the youth. I knew I would be doing this but wasn't sure when it would be. I spoke on Luke 24 and encouraged the youth that Jesus was with them and wanted to reveal the truth of who he is to them. The youth are so full of joy and love. There worship is a beautiful picture of what worship should be for all believers. I was able to worship with them and lead them in the song "God is so Good." We sang it in swahili and english. They corrected me and helped me get the words right. It was a lot of fun. I shared my testimony and then continued to worship

Prayer Needs:


Continue to pray for strength, health, and rest.


Continue to pray cell phones work properly for Phil. Still trying to resolve.


Pray for finances for remote tribe Hadzabe trip. 200 per day, per person, for 3 days= 4 people $2400.  Will take 1 day to travel, 1 day to preach, 1 day to travel back to Moshi.


Pray for finances for possible future trip back to Dar es Salaam & Arusha October 2 week conferences.




Debit cards and Credit cards work in ATMs.  Still not in hotels.


Lost luggage that was sent to Hawaii returned with nothing missing. It had new Bibles in it Phil is giving away to whom the Lord leads to give to. PTL!!


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8/20/09 Tanzania Africa Update 3

8/16, Sunday-Jason preaches 9am, Phil 11am, David 4pm.

Phil says,

Just a tremendous move of God as the liberty and joy carried into this mornings service in the singing and dancing as much of the congregation entered in. (upwards of a 1000)

Pray for Pastor Munisi as he went home not feeling well. The Secretary General of the Tanzania Assemblies of God was my interpreter this morning as I brought out James 2:14-26, and Hebrews 11. After teaching in the conference Mk16:14-20, that we needed faith to move forward in carrying out this mission, in Heb 11

I emphasized that just as God had established a testimony in the members of the hall of faith, God wants to establish a testimony in the Faith and Miracle Center here in Dar es salaam. In order for this testimony to be established like Jacob we must contend with God.

As I gave the altar call I encouraged them to press in, not to be satisfied with just wrestling with God but to press in until He touched them. For 45 mins they entered in, pressed in, God touching them. At some point I lost my interpreter as the power of God came upon him in a powerful way.

Oh that we in
America would press in and contend with God for a season. He has so much for us only if we would recognize, realize who we are in Christ
and walk in the fullness, and the power and authority that is ours as children of God.

Watch for great things to come out of Dar es Salaam as this church moves forward in the power of the Lord.

The secretary told me that he must speak with Munisi and ask him why he has not shared this man of God.

After the service I hung out with the people. Many of the young, they mentioned pastor Phil, I want one day to preach like you, move in Gods spirit like you. I could only respond, it is only because of Him, spend time in prayer and fasting. It will only come through prayer and fasting.


I told them tonight in saying goodbye, that my wife's hearts desire was to be here with us and that soon we will come together with our boys.


They fell in love with Jason, he picked up “God is so Good” in Swahili and sang it and they all entered in.


Pastor was teasing all the young ladies that he was single and available. But he has an ulterior motive.  Pastor wants to put him to work with all the tech stuff.


David like me, says we need to spend more time here in Dar


Monday we just visited with Pastor and Mama Wisdom. They took us to where they have begun to build a new home. Their desire is just like ours, to be able to host ministers.


The church gave us 150 dollars each, and I had already made up my mind to match it and give to them to buy bricks. Munisi hands it to me and says this is for you to be able to buy something in Tanzania. So I added to it and gave to Mama Wisdom and I said, I've decided to buy bricks. He told us the other day that it would take about 4000 to finish their home at about 1.30 each. So we just bought them about 230 bricks.  David looked at Jason, and said we gotta follow Phil's lead, so they did the same.


When giving from God's heart to the pressing need, God will honor your giving.


I told pastor Monday night I would commit to October. He said thank you, Our pastors here in Tanzania need to hear the word you brought forth this week. Thank you,


Pastor is the director of literature for the TAG here and is just in awe of our cameras and computers, so we are going to have to find sponsors so that they can begin producing cd's and dvds; this is his goal. We 3 are already talking, and trying to figure out what I can bring in October. We will be doing at least a computer then.


One of the elders came to pastors tonight with our tickets to Moshi. He sat with me and began to share how he spent the day meditating on the message yesterday morning. He said Pastor Phil, that had to be the most powerful I have ever heard. For Faith and Miracle Center to have the ability to shape history with our testimony is not comprehendible. He says through the tears, this for me will be the best Sunday ever, for the power of God to come down on us without you laying hands on anyone was for me incredible.  He said, Pastor Phil, there are so many testimony's coming forth from that service of people being healed, filled with the spirit, and you did not lay a hand on any one.

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Week 2

Phil Says:

Monday and Tuesday I spent much of the day reflecting on and praying for Gods covering on what he did here the past week.--Many being healed, many coming forward to give their lives to Christ during the crusade, the church being challenged during the Believers conference to walk in the power and authority of Christ as children of God, learning to worship in spirit and in truth. How that Saturday night they entered into a new liberty and joy as they worshipped Him in spirit and truth, then to see it carry over into Sunday morning. What a powerful time we have had in Dar, we leave knowing that God will seal it, preserve it, and build on it. Like I had said in an earlier email, look for great things to come from Dar es Salaam and the Faith and Miracle Center.

While at breakfast one of the hotel workers came to me, and addressed me as Pastor Phil. He says, Pastor Phil, you did not tell me you were a preacher on Sunday. I said, you did not ask, you asked what was in my backpack and where I was going on Sunday morning. His name Kafu, he says, I need you to pray for me. I used to be a Christian but have fallen away from the Lord could we go to your room so you can pray and I can explain. I said to him we can pray right here right now, and proceeded to lead him back to the Lord.

Wednesday we spent the day with the kids of New Life Foundation here in Moshi. We visited 3 different sites. The first was the Fountain of Hope having devotions and morning prayer with the secondary students. Here they would present us with a New Zealand indigenous welcome and presented to each of us a bouquet of roses.


We were then off to Fountain Zoe the baby orphanage. Before traveling there we picked up a man (Lee) we had met at the airport the night before and shared the shuttle with who took a great interest in our trip to New life. Unsaved, I had asked God to mess him up with His love through these little ones. These little ones just loved on him as he sat and played, cuddled and hugged many of them. Then at the end one of the mama’s gathered them together and led them into a few songs, and when they had finished she asked them to go and pray for each us, it was a powerful time as they would go in groups and lay hands on each of us, pray then close, “In the Name of Jesus, Amen”. Wow, then Lee, it messed him up. He would say of them, “How, how at such a young age did they learn to give such love.” His purpose in coming to Moshi was to climb  Kilimanjaro, that day he climbed a different kind of mountain.


Here there is a Maasai boy who had his 2 middle fingers cut off on his right hand at birth indicating, he would no longer be accepted by his people. Last year I had told him that that figure or symbol was the international sign for “I Love You”, upon arriving today he saw me and immediately raised his hand and waved, I would return the sign and he came running for a big hug. His name is Prosper and is 4.


Then we were off to Fountain of Joy, it is a boarding home for teenage mothers and teen girls. Here they are taught to sew clothing and learn a trade while being taught the word of God. They are outcasts because of the teenage pregnancies, the others from poor homes and are considered at risk who would not have the opportunities provided by New life Foundation.


Here they shared with us the life skills they are learning, the teachings provided by Sister Mary, a widow herself. Then, they took us into the presence of God through their worship in song. While taking pictures I would find a sign on the door, “What the world considers trash, we find treasure”. I would share with them Jer. 29 :11, and that they are the apple of his eye, looking each girl in the eye telling them they are special. The Lord would lead me to stand in place of the one who done them wrong and ask them to forgive me. I t was a special time. I thanked them for bringing the treasure of heaven into our midst through their worship in song. Being a father of a teenage daughter I wanted to hug each one and share the love of a father.


Thursday David and Jason would do devotions with the kids at Fountain of Hope in the morning and in the afternoon while I took the day and rested.


Friday, I would join them in the morning then Pastor Glorious would take me to Murongo for a Missions conference while Jason spoke at a secondary school here in Moshi.  Murongo would be about an hour and a half drive northeast from here to the base of Kilimanjaro. It was a special time as the power of God came down in our midst after speaking from Luke 10: 1-3. 8 young people gave their lives to the Lord 3-4 filled with the Holy Ghost and 3-4 delivered. Here they would sing Heaven down in their worship as they truly entered in. In my goodbyes I told them that I would tell the story of a people who live at the foot of Kilimanjaro who love the Lord and who could bring heaven down through their worship.


Friday night we would go and spend the night with Pastor Glorious and Josephine at their home in Machame NW from here in the foothills of Kilimanjaro.


Sunday morning in a new church plant down town Moshi Jason spoke of Paul’s transformation found in Acts 9:1-9. During the worship time a young couple from Germany came in saying they were drawn by the worship and were from the House of Prayer there and  were in the area teaching on intercession.

We were then off to El Shaddai to meet up with our friend Pastor Elisha who was our interpreter last year. My message coming from 2 Sam 23:13-16. How far are you willing to go to see breakthrough?  Corporately, individually, to see the Glory of God in your midst. Your people, your nation is thirsty for a move of God. It was a powerful time as God’s presence filled that place and a spirit of intercession came upon us so strong that even the young children were lying on the floor crying and weeping before the Lord. After about 30 minutes there was a sweet refreshing breeze that came upon us that many would comment about afterwards. It was such a sweet presence. Pastor Glorious would make an altar call where many came forward a number of them receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Week 3:  We start a pastors conference in the morning through Wed, then on Wed afternoon begin a crusade in Masilita through next Sunday. Pray that we will continue to experience the move of His spirit. Thank you for praying with us. My prayer is that God will honor your faithfulness in holding us up in prayer. Pray against pride, for unity, for strength and rest and for a move of His spirit in us and through us. Sofu Mungo, Praise God.

Praise Thanking God for His Angels that watch over and protect the team from all harm. 

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9/2009 Tanzania Africa Update 5

I apologize for the delay in this report for those of you who have been faithfully praying for our recent trip to Tanzania.

Week three began with a pastor’s conference in Masilita at El Shadai church. The first day we had a packed house with about 20 pastors and a number of church leaders and members from neighboring churches.

David spoke on the three pillars in the church using Acts chapter 2 as his reference. Family, Community, and Outreach were his emphasis.

One of the things I appreciate most of the people here is how they enter in when it comes time to worship and time of corporate prayer. This particular day they entered in and pressed through during prayer before David had brought the word, there was such a liberty to minister.

Tues and Wed I would bring the word coming from Mark 16: 14-20 speaking once again of walking in the authority as sons and daughters of God. I believe that God has placed this personal mandate upon my life to teach and preach this. Last October during my yearly fast God had placed this on my heart as I read from Luke 15 the story of the prodigal son. What grabbed my spirit this particular time was the older brother how he threw a fit when his father put on a party for his younger son. The father explained that “at any time could you have had a party, Son, its time to stop acting as my hired servant and start acting like my son”. Friends, it is time for the church to rise from the dust and ashes put on our garments of splendor (righteous, holiness, and faithfulness) and take our rightful seat (Is 52:1-2) and start walking in His authority as His sons and Daughters.

Wed night David began the crusade preaching with a 101 fever. Masilita is a community that is known fro its witch doctors and strict religious leaders who will come to these crusades and with a spirit of intimidation look upon their people with disdain and bring threats to them and their families. Many preachers will not come to this community because of it and for some time now the Lord had laid on Pastor Glorious’s heart to bring a crusade to this community.

Thurs night both David and I were wakened in the night by the spirit of witchcraft with it manifesting itself to David, he began to pray in the spirit not knowing that I was awake praying then remembering the words of Jesus as He stood before pilot saying “you could have no authority over me unless it has been given to you from my Father”. As soon as I spoke these words to this spirit it left and such a peace came over the home in which we were staying and the cough and congestion was relieved upon us both.

The Lord would do a great work in this community with many being saved, delivered, healed and restored.

Sunday night, one particular young man, he had broken his foot 3 years ago and not having the correct care it became deformed and still hurt him to walk. Through the interpreter he had asked if I would pray for him. I looked at the interpreter and said no, you are going to pray, as he began to pray the power of God came upon them both. Then I asked him to start jumping, to start walking then to start running with many around him cheering. Pastor Glorious then asked him to come and give a testimony he then began to run and jump on the platform with no pain, no limp completely restored. PTL!

Friday morning we would visit a Catholic school where they have a number of muslim and Christian students attending. Jason would share a word of encouragement with the Christian students. Afterward one of the young men would stand and say, “I’ve got it! I finally understand this message of love” you made it so simple the word you bring to us. I must have a bible so I can learn more and share this love with others. As the question and answer session continued I reached in my backpack pulled out a bible highlighted a couple of verses, wrote his name and date and signed it then gave it to him. The tears began to flow. He said I now know my purpose in life that is to share this word. Remember Paul in your prayers. Many of the young people gathered around him in excitement wanting to touch, to hold, and to read his new bible.

All this week David would run a fever sleeping as much as he could. After getting home he would find that he had contracted Dengue fever through a mosquito bite. Something that would just have to run its course.

Sunday morning, because of his fever I would take David’s place at a church in Boma for 2 services in which their pastor participated in the pastor’s conference. We had planned that Jason would take my place in Moshi but David was awakened to find that the church was expecting him or myself to preach and felt obligated to fill the pulpit that morning. In spite of the fever God truly strengthened David and used him for His glory.

In Boma, the pastor was surprised as I walked through the door and I had mentioned that David had not been feeling well all week and that he asked for me to fill in for him. I would preach from Heb 11, that because of their faith God wanted to establish a testimony there in Boma for his glory. After the prayer time, the pastor mentioned to the church that the night before he had prayed that the Man of God would bring forth the word of Faith. This is something God wants to establish in us all, a mind blowing supernatural testimony that will speak to the hearts and lives of those we come in contact with. Are you ready?

Sunday night I was given a reprieve as Pastor Glorious would close the crusade. What a powerful time as many came forward to receive Christ.

After each night of the crusade there was a granny who asked us to come and pray with her. We would find out that she is 105. Each night her face would light up with a smile as we approached her porch where she was sitting and each time would be special. Remember Bibi in your prayers.


Week 4 Jason and I would spend the next 3 days on safari with a young couple from the Netherlands who attended a Dutch Reform church and who happened to be newly weds. It would be a very nice 3 days of watching Gods creation and having great fellowship. The first day they had asked all the usual questions as we got to know each other and they became very surprised of how old I was, and how long I’ve been married. It gave me an opportunity to share the secret of my youth. Daniel 1:15-18. I would share with them that I do 2 spiritual fasts a year, one for 21 days and the other for 40 days where my diet consists only of that of the Daniel fast and that I have been doing this now for ten years, this plus a whole lot of salmon.

For 3 days I would watch God’s creation knowing that it waits in great expectation for the Glory of God to be revealed in the sons of God. (Ro. 8:19 Amp.) It’s time for the church to press through, to break through and not be satisfied until God touches us, fills us with His Glory, all of creation is waiting, your friends and family are waiting, your community, your city, they are all waiting for us to press through. Are you Ready?

This is why I do 2 fasts a year, I want to be filled with God’s glory, I want to walk in a greater anointing, to walk in a greater authority as His son. Will you join me in this desire to be filled with His glory, to walk in a greater anointing to touch those who are around us. Seek Him while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near, He will hear and answer. He is faithful, He is faithful.

While on safari David would begin a teacher’s conference at New Life Foundation. The first 2 days they would experience a sovereign move of God. We were suppose to join him the second day but because of transportation issues it was better that we stayed for a third day. The third day of the conference I would share from 1 Chr 10:12, of how Eleazar with King David fought the Philistines over a field of barley. How that Eleazar clung to the sword until his hand grew weary.  How that these mighty men trained for combat with their king, how they knew their kings moves, how he fought, his characteristics in combat, how he would use his sword, and the importance of us training for combat with our King, how we need to cling to the sword until our hands grow weary. In Luke 10: 1-3 Jesus tells us that the harvest is ripe, and the laborers are few, behold I send you out as sheep among wolves. Rev 12:12 tells us that the enemy has been loosed upon the earth and is filled with fury because he knows his time is short. It would once again be a powerful time as God visited us once again as we interceded for and with one another.

My friends, the harvest is ripe, peoples’ hearts are ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus, and the enemy would like nothing more than to come, rob, kill and destroy this harvest. Like Eleazar, we must take the stand with our King and cling to the Sword of the Spirit until our hand grows weary knowing that His word will not return void, but will accomplish that which He set it out to do, knowing that He is working with us confirming His word with signs following. It’s time my friends to rise up as His sons and daughters and take our rightful seat, to be filled with His glory and go forth proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It’s TIME, ARE YOU READY?

Thursday at the school (Fountain of Hope) I would look for a boy that I had prayed with a couple of Sundays before to give him my last bible. His name is Emmanuel a pastor’s son from Arusha. That afternoon as I visited with Sister Esther while waiting for a pastor I would learn that Emmanuel was from a very poor home and that he came to school with just the clothes on his back.

This particular pastor we are waiting for, Pastor Willie and I picked him up on our way to Boma Sunday morning. He had in his hands what I would describe as a Roy Rogers guitar, something we would find at a Walmart. He had it tucked under his suit coat protecting it from the rain, and the Lord said now you know who to give the guitar to. I had brought a guitar with the intention of giving it away but until then did not know who. So Thursday afternoon we made our way to his home in Masilita. They, him and his wife were embarrassed to find me waiting for them in their home coming from the corn fields after a hard days work. Pastor Muswai would begin to cry as I presented him with a new Fender guitar with all the accessories and a hard shell case. He would pray, “Father, you have used my Brother tremendously in other ministry here in Tanzania, but you have brought him here for this purpose, this instrument which I have asked for”. He would share that they had started a new work on east end of Boma and had been praying for a new guitar. He said, Pastor Phil, I have nothing to give in return, as you can see my chickens are still babes otherwise we would have a feast. I responded by saying, the best gift in return is to play it for the glory of God. My friends, be obedient when God asks of you, don’t rob yourself of a blessing, don’t rob someone of a blessing, allow God to be glorified in your obedience, this was a precious time with my friend and his family.

Upon returning Sister Esther to the school Emmanuel would come to me and in his broken English would share that he did not have a bible and that he had been praying for one, thanked me and gave me a hug.

Please pray with us that God will preserve our work this past month, seal it, and build on it, God is faithful to keep which we commit to Him. Thank you for being faithful in your work interceding for us and our families. I pray that God will honor your faithfulness, that He will meet your every need. Thank you, I appreciate you.

Please pray with me as I return October 2nd- 15th for 2 national pastors conferences in Arusha and Moshi as one of their main speakers. I am looking for and expecting a sovereign move of God upon these pastors and church leaders the likes in which they have never seen, one that will allow them to take this country for the Kingdom of Heaven. AMEN!!

Praise  They all arrive safely home 9/5/09.  David is diagnosed with Dengu Fever, but recovers a week later once home.

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Africa Pictures 2009

Phil preaching at Munisi's Crusade in Dar es Saalam

Painting of Pastor Munisi in his church

Jason dancing in Tanzania worship

Children of Kawe church crusade

Jason preaching at Dar es Salaam

Phil enjoying coffee in Moshi

Jason preaching in Moshi Sun 9am service

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