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Rhemaword for today!


Has God made a promise to you that you're still waiting for?

In Genesis, chapters 15, 16, 17, and 18. Here we read the story of Abraham and Sarah. In chapter 15 God promises Abraham a son. He and Sarah laugh at God saying they are too old. In chapter 16, they try to make things happen on their own outside of Gods promise. In chapter 17 God makes covenant with Abraham requiring him to serve God faithfully, to be obedient and wait for the promise. In chapter 18:1-15 they are once again assured of a son. And Sarah once again laughs at God. In chapter 21 is the birth of Issac.

What promise has God given you? What seed has He planted in you that needs to spring forth? What promise do you need to give birth to? Have you tried to make it happen on your own? We need to wait until God's time is fulfilled. Abraham and Sarah may have delayed their promise by trying to make it happen on their on. Waiting requires obedience. Obedience requires strength. We cannot mock God or question Him, He Cannot Lie. We must be faithful and serve Him with all we got.

Chapter 21, the birth of the promise:
It would be 13 years from the time that God planted a seed in Abraham to the time of Issac, the promise was birthed. 13, what do you associate this number with? Haunted movies, unlucky and the list goes on. The meaning of 13 is this. New Life, promise fulfilled!

The promises that God has planted in you, this is the year for them to be fulfilled. I am excited about the coming year with anticipation looking forward to seeing His promises fulfilled in my life. I pray that you will too.

2013, the year for promises fulfilled.


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Looking back to 2011, 11 means disorder. God wants to establish order, in our lives, in the church locally, and as a whole. This will be a quick and powerful work. "Foundation," God needs to establish the foundation so that this last work will last. The foundation that is established upon His principles will bring order to the rest of the house of God. Because individuals do not want to align (submit) themselves with this foundation or the order set in motion, they will leave, even be dismissed from leadership. This has been part of the churches'  frustration, individuals not agreeing or grasping the vision God has set in motion.


2012, 12, the number for the Apostle or Apostolic. God will bring the Apostolic to fruition. It has not been an office the church has accepted or recognized in the past. Many believe the five offices are created equal, I believe there is a hierarchy within the offices which give honor to the apostle. When the apostle is recognized and acknowledged within the church the other offices then are made complete and come to fruition under the apostle.  It is the apostle who establishes order, commissions, sends out, and imparts gifts.

There is about to be placed upon some whom God selects, an apostolic mantle the likes they have not felt, nor has the church seen. They will speak "the Word" and things will happen; things will be set in motion for the Glory of God.

"Shift", I would agree, in my spirit there has been a "stirring". The best example of this is the man by the pool. He had laid there for 38 years. When Jesus asked "why he had not entered the pool?" he made up every excuse as to why he could not. This is the state of the church as a whole. The waters are "troubled" "stirred" but we do not want to enter in for whatever reason. I believe Jesus spoke to him emphatically to "Get Up," the shift. Something he had never heard before. The church in 2012 will have to make it's choice, to "Get Up" or continue to  lay there making up it's excuses.

Is 52:2 tells us there to arise (get up) shake the dust and ashes off and take your rightful seat. It is time for the church to take it's rightful place as the bride of Christ. We as individuals need to take our rightful seat as sons and daughters, a royal priest hood. "Pick up your bed!"  We will have to deal with the stench of our baggage. To discard it, dispose of it, so that we can "Walk" in all the fullness that he has in store for us.

We need to" step in" and begin to walk in to what He has for us as individuals, as a church.
In Acts 4:13 a verse that I love, "and they realized they had been with Jesus". Then Daniel 10:32, "The people who know there God, shall be strong and do great exploits." 2012 will be a decisive time, to Get up, pick up, and step in. Not all will capture the vision, allow order to be established, or submit to the word. There will be a separating, setting apart if you will. Judges 7 says don't  be discouraged or disheartened, for the few will be mighty.


Since last November of 2011,  I have been watching the events unfold in the middle-east revolving around Iran and its nuclear advancements. I would hear God say, "You need to prepare for a long storm. 30 days of food and water for everyone in the house."

February 4, 2012,  I read an article on Israel, the U.S. and Iran. In this article it shared that the U.S. and Israel had canceled their joint military exercises because Israel is now planning to attack Iran's nuclear facilities sometime between March and May. I could hear again, 30 days of food, water, put away $2000 in small bills, change 401k to long term safe, put away propane to cook with barbecue, gasoline for generator. I believe this may take place after the Passover Feast, Easter if you will. In the recent ice storm in the Northwest of January 2012, many were without power, stores and gas stations were operating on generators, and on cash basis only.

Once Israel attacks, in this article high ranking US officials were quoted as saying that if Iran counter attacks then the US would enter in and protect Israeli and US interests. This will cause the stock market to go south, may even see gasoline over $7 a gallon. If Iran and its allies have the ability to counter attack, I believe it may be to our infrastructure, water, power, rail etc.

As I began to share with Brenda she began to weep. After a few minutes she said she had wrote down a dream a number of years ago She began to go through her notes and after a few minutes she began to read of what her dream was, basically the same as I described above of nuclear attacks in the middle-east and on the eastern seaboard of the US. She, too, had been feeling the need to put away for 30 days.

The following Monday while watching Daystar late, Perry Stone shares almost exactly as I have described, Brenda's dream, but he took it to another level.

He stated that the churches need to be prepared to:
-take care of the widows, elders and single moms in their congregation.
-establish 2 feeding centers,
a) for the needy
b) for the church
-establish small groups
-the church be prepared to minister

Individuals, he added:
- know your neighbors
-stay in prayer that God will lead you
-have the ability to protect your home
This conflict will end, we will recover, and there will be a great move of God.

We need to be prepared. As I continue to watch on a daily basis, with US and Iranian naval presence now in the Strait of Hormuz, I believe this conflict is inevitable.

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Rev.7:9, “After these things I looked, and Behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes,…”

   We at Gateway International Ministries sponsored The Native Women of Destiny Conference held September 17th and 18th 2010 at Overcomer Covenant Church here in Auburn Washington.

   We believed that God would transform and elevate your lives. Native speakers and worship leaders provided the necessary tools for you to fulfill your destiny in Christ.

   In our regalia, we celebrated the rich diversity of our cultures with a parade of nations during the Saturday evening service. We came with an expectant heart knowing that God had called you for a specific purpose for a specific time. I truly believe that God has set apart, and is positioning the indigenous people during this time for His specific purpose.

   Summer 2009, I was asked, Phil, when will it be our time? When will our purpose be fulfilled? When will our native people arise and be counted? I simply responded, “During Harvest Time”.

   My friends, it is, Harvest Time, and if there was ever a time that we need to be about our fathers business, it is today. Thank you for joining women from the four corners of the earth for this great conference and allowing God to transform and elevate your life.

   We enjoyed seeing you there. God made a way for every provision for you to participate, Amen!


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Eph. 6:13, 14 “ having done all to stand. Stand therefore,…”

In a recent time of prayer the Lord spoke to me to listen, and as I waited quietly I heard “Shift” then in a little bit I heard “Persevere”, then  “Network” then “Walk in it”.

My friends there is about to be a shift in momentum in the supernatural where the obstacles we have been facing individually, corporately and regionally are going to have to succumb to the undeniable power of God.

We need to Persevere and push through, though we may be tired and weary breakthrough is there before us. 2 Sam. 23:10, Eleazar rose up and attacked the Philistines until his hand grew weary and stuck to the sword. So many times we wait for the battle to come to us, but we need to rise up, identify the enemy taking the offensive declaring the Word of God over our circumstances and obstacles where they have to succumb to the Power of His Word.

We need to Network with others of like faith for there are some obstacles that require more than one to breakthrough. Deut. 32:30, “One shall send to flight one thousand, two shall send to flight ten thousand…” So my friends, join forces with others, identify the obstacles and declare Gods Word over them. I can’t stress enough the importance of declaring Gods Word, this is the key to bringing down the strongholds over our families, churches, communities and regions.

Finally, rise up and “Walk in it” as a “Conqueror”! Who are you? In Ro. 8:37 Paul writes that “yet in all these things we are more than “Conquerors” through Him…” Through the work of the cross there was a transformation from “Mighty Warrior” to “More than a Conqueror”. We need to recognize who we are in Christ as “more than a Conqueror” rise up and begin to walk in this momentum “having done all to stand. Stand therefore”. With each new level God brings us, there will be new challenges, new obstacles and with them greater spoils. We only need to "Stand Therefore" This is a military term which means when one battle is finished and won, be ready for the next one.

My friends, it is time to rise up taking the the Sword of the Spirit declaring Gods word and take possession of our inheritance, there has been a shift, a change in momentum and we need to take advantage for we are more than Conquerors!


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